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  • KITA INU | Memecoin with BTC Rewards

    MEMECOIN powered by Artificial Intelligence The only memecoin with real world utility and staking rewards. Zero fees, instant settlement and the highest energy efficiency out there. What more could you ask for? Join our fast growing community! Partners & Media TOKENOMICS TOKENOMC Our tokenomics section demonstrates our commitment to transparency, detailing the economic principles that guide our project. It's a fundamental resource for investors and token holders, fostering trust by clearly presenting the mechanisms determining our token's value and utility. BUY NOW KITA Price: $0.0001 Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Circulating Market Cap: $50,000 Circulating Supply: 500,000,000 ROADMAP ROAD MAP Our Roadmap section outlines our strategic plan, showcasing both current projects and future initiatives. It provides a clear vision of our upcoming endeavors, connecting our present commitments to our long-term goals. 2024 Q3 Marketing - r/cryptocurrency Radium Listing Jupiter listing Pancakeswap Listing Apeswap Listing Babydogeswap Monthly Burn every 14th of the month KITASWAP LAUNCH DEFI FARMING - STAKE LP EARN KITA STAKE KITA EARN MORE SOL DEX-TRADE LISTING VINDAX LISTING MEXC LISTING Philanthropy - Blockchain Awareness in Asia Press - Forbes,, Benzinga, BTCPeers Coin Marketcap LISTING Coingecko Listing Press - Yahoo, Bloomberg, Cointelegraph ROADMAP 2024 Q4 KITA BLOCKCHAIN CHAIN LAUNCH KITA NFT Hold NFT Get SOL Rewards KITA SPOT EXCHANGE LAUNCH KITA FUTURES TRADING PLATFORM KITA COPY TRADING Instant Buys - Trust Wallet Ecosystem - KITA Website Upgrade Marketing - Global physical campaign, YouTube influencers Staking Programs - Beefstake, Bitrue Merch - Tokenmerch Transparency - Verified Supply on CoinMarketCap Transparency - Certik Audit KITACASINO LAUNCH KITAFINITY GAMING - Cat Fighting Game Inspired from Axie KITA CHAIN BRIDGE PLATFORM KITA ADS & More Defi Partnerships KITA Community Meet up Exchange Listings - Poloniex, CoinDCX, Coinex, Suncrypto, XT, Onus, Bityard, Deepcoin 2025 Q1 Contact Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly. Email Subject Your message Send Thanks for submitting!

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